One of the great things about the internet is its ability to function as a library. A haphazard, convoluted, jacked up library, yes, but a library nonetheless. It has a memory that far surpasses the likes of you or I. Where we can only recall a snatch of color, a handful of words, the internet can hold on to caches full of entire websites, and will call them up for you in just a few moments.

Some libraries exist merely to serve information as needed, which is the most basic purpose of any library. But some seek to preserve some bit of culture, whether it be architectual, natural or technical. Some libraries are designed especially for a specific audience, and some are designed for aesthetics.

This portion of JourneyLoaded is a library of sorts. It is here to preserve an old website that was taken down when the authors were ready to move on from Journeyfandom. But there was discussion about the usefulness of preserving the old site, even if only to laugh and point. So, it is with great bemusement, and even a little pride, that I present to you the Old School DoubleObesession. When I originally built this website, I had no idea that it would lead me down such a colorful, wacky path, or that I would one day be thanking one of its fans for hosting it for me.

The website does not function the way it did when it was orginally hosted at DoubleObsession, because this is an archive only. It is highly unlikely that we will ever be adding any new fiction to this website, although libraries will take new books now and then. The forms no longer work, so don't bother with trying to get a password for that most infamous story (you know the one), because there isn't a password to provide you with. This is presented to you as it was during the prime of JourneyLove, but many of its functions have been disabled to reduce server strain on its current host.

If you have any questions about this website, please direct them to preguntas at

Thank you, Sarah, for hosting this for us. You're the only one we could trust with it.

Rosalinda StMatthew, Sept. 2005

And now, as they say, Obsession is a dangerous thing.