No More Tears

A stolen song. A stolen girl. Tit for Tat.

Rated R
Language and Violence


One man's obsession leads another man into the depths of Hell.

Rated R


A minor flaw opens the door to self-destruction.

Rated R
Language, Violence and Adult Situations

The Doll

A futuristic tale of love, power & Journey.

Rated R
Language, Violence

It's Only Love

The story behind the music.

Rated R
Language, Adult Situations

Uh... Steve?

Otherwise known as The Round Robin From Hell.

Rated NC-17
Language, Graphic Violence and Sexual Situations

I'll Be Alright Without You

Prevention is the best medicine.

Rated R
Language, Violence


One woman's greed is another band's misfortune.

Rated PG-13
Language, Mild Violence

Mirror, Mirror

An epic tale of sorcery, palace intrigue and mistaken identity.

Rated R
Language, Violence, Sexual Situations